9–13 January 2017
Gaylord Texan, Grapevine, Texas

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Aerospace was Born a Disruptive Technology

Aerospace completely changed global transportation norms by taking us from the ground to the skies and eventually space. It's transformed the globe, bringing the world together with its communication and satellite technologies. It's now changing the way that we view our universe and those beyond. New innovations in autonomous systems will continue to create disruption.

In 2017, AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition (AIAA SciTech Forum) is structured around the theme: Addressing Full Spectrum Disruption Across the Global Aerospace Community. During exciting and engaging plenaries and Forum 360 sessions, speakers and panelists will tackle the following questions:

  • Setting the Landscape: Factors Driving Today’s Disruptive Environment—How is our current environment leading to disruption in the aerospace community?
  • Disruptive Business Models—How are new business models changing aerospace science and technology?
  • Disruptive Policy Issues: Presidential Transitions—How will the change of administration and public policy issues impact the future research and development landscape?
  • Disruptive Technology Developments: Breakthroughs That Will Transform Aerospace—What are the next big technologies that will disrupt the way we design, develop, and operate new aerospace systems?
  • Next-Generation Workforce—How is disruption changing the way we educate, recruit, develop, and grow the global aerospace workforce of the future?

Drivers of Innovation

AIAA SciTech Forum—and the  11 technical conferences that comprise the forum—have been delivering aerospace research and technology findings that have driven innovative developments for more than 50 years. In 2017, you can expect scores of opportunities for collaboration and discussion among the more than 4,000 expected participants.

Engage with leading experts during 2,000 technical presentations from 43 countries on the topics of Adaptive Structures •  Aeroacoustics • Aero Measurement Technology • Air Breathing Propulsion • Aircraft Design • Applied Aerodynamics • Atmospheric Flight Mechanics • Command & Control Systems • Communications Systems •  Computer Systems • Design Engineering • Digital Avionics Education • Fluid Dynamics • Gas Turbine Engines • Ground Test • Guidance, Navigation, and Control • High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion • Intelligent Systems • Meshing, Visualization, and Computational Environments • Modeling and Simulation • Multidisciplinary Design Optimization • Non-Deterministic Approaches • Plasmadynamics and Lasers • Propellants and Combustion • Sensor Systems • Software Systems • Space Operations • Space Resource Utilization • Structures • Structural Dynamics • Survivability • Systems Engineering • Terrestrial Energy • Wind Energy • Thermophysics • Unmanned Systems.

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