Dates to Remember

  • Manuscript Deadline: 01 Dec 2014
  • Early Bird Reg Deadline: 22 Dec 2014
  • Cancellation Deadline: 22 Dec 2014

Program Overview


Challenges for aerospace science, research, and development will linger into 2015. But it’s basic human nature to find innovative solutions to overcome challenges and create new opportunities – especially in the field of aerospace. Join us at the AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition (SciTech) when we discuss the science and technologies that will shape the future of aerospace!

The country's entire economic well-being is tied to innovation.—Congressman Chaka Fattah

As the largest event for aerospace research, development, and technology, AIAA SciTech 2015 gives you extensive access to a wide range of the latest research and development, not just in your own areas of expertise, but across technological boundaries. Nowhere else will you find the breadth and depth of aerospace research, analysis, foresight, and expertise at a single location.


SciTech 2015 brings together the best and the brightest in industry, government, and academia to share their innovative ideas and solutions.

SciTech 2015 will feature more than 2500 technical papers, including the best papers from students around the world. Bringing together 11 individual technical events at a single location, this forum is the place to engage with colleagues within your discipline and to interact with experts in other disciplines. 

Come engage with leading experts on the topics of  Adaptive Structures •  Aeroacoustics • Aero Measurement Technology • Air Breathing Propulsion • Aircraft Design • Applied Aerodynamics • Atmospheric Flight Mechanics • Command & Control Systems • Communications Systems •  Computer Systems • Design Engineering • Digital Avionics Education • Fluid Dynamics • Gas Turbine Engines • Ground Test • Guidance, Navigation, and Control • High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion • Intelligent Systems • Meshing, Visualization, and Computational Environments • Modeling and Simulation • Multidisciplinary Design Optimization • Non-Deterministic Approaches • Plasmadynamics and Lasers • Propellants and Combustion • Sensor Systems • Software Systems • Space Operations • Space Resource Utilization • Structures • Structural Dynamics • Survivability • Systems Engineering • Terrestrial Energy • Wind Energy • Thermophysics • Unmanned Systems.

Visit the Technical Program page to see what conferences are meeting as part of SciTech 2015 and to learn more about the technical program.

SciTech 2015 will appeal to:
  • Engineering Managers and Executives
  • Engineers, Researchers, and Scientists
  • Workforce Development Managers
  • Business Developers and Aerospace Entrepreneurs
  • Young Aerospace Professionals
  • Educators and Students
  • Media Representatives

 You won’t want to miss it!